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I'm not an expert on weight loss, nutrician, fitness, diets, etc. & don't claim to be. I just do a lot of research on the subjects, so I can bring you the best information I can find. You won't find a lot of hokey fad diet crap on this blog, just honest info you can use to become more healthy & fit. Hope you enjoy it. Terry

Review page - Weight Loss

There is a product I have reveiwed that has an abundance of very sound information for the individual that is attempting to lose weight. This is NOT a diet, but a life style of how & what to eat, to optimize your ability to shed those pounds & keep them off. It contains way more information than I could ever hope to include in this blog @ one time. It would take me months of blogging to get this info to you. Click here for more info;

I hope you find this video very interesting & helpful. It's a tad long, but listen to it all. This will give you the best shot @ not only losing weight, but keeping it off FOREVER! Thanks Terry

Natural Treatments & Remedies
I'm all for natural healing, I believe that curing something with natural herbs & remedies is always the best way. I'm always scouring the web for honest content to bring to you, below you will find links to natural treatments for a couple of things that are bothersom to quite a lot of people.
#1 - For Candida [yeast infections], you can go to the following link;  Click here for more info:
#2 - For Hemorrhoids, you can go to the following link;  Click here for more info:
Hope you find this helpful, I will continue to bring you the best products I find. Thanks Terry