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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sleep & Health/Weight

Sleep-Deprived People Eat More. A recent sleep-deprived study unveils that people with a lack of rest eat 300 more calories a day. In fact, ice cream is one of their favorite foods to consume when they’re tired.
Scientists have known for years that too little shut-eye can lead to weight gain and obesity. So researchers at Columbia University decided to find out whether people actually consume more when they are sleep-deprived vs. well-rested. They recruited 26 normal-weight men and women who routinely slept between seven and nine hours a night.
The participants came into an inpatient hospital-like setting for six days on two different occasions. Half slept four hours a night for six nights. The other half slept for nine hours a night for six nights.
For the first days, they received a portion-controlled diet, but the last two days they could eat as much as they wanted from food they chose themselves. The entire procedure was repeated a second time with people getting a different amount of sleep.
Findings, reported Wednesday at an American Heart Association meeting in Atlanta:
- Participants consumed an average of 296 calories more when they were sleep-deprived compared with when they were well-rested.
- When women were sleep-deprived they ate an average 329 more calories a day vs. when they were well-rested; men ate 263 more calories.
- Overall, most of the extra calories came from high-fat foods such as ice cream and fast foods.
- When women were sleep-deprived, they ate an average of about 31 more fat grams a day. Men’s fat intake didn’t climb that much. This is interesting.
I posted an article earlier, about the effects that sleep had on weight loss. This is just a follow up, sort of reinforcing the fact that proper sleep, or lack of it, can cause you to either gain or loss weight. There are a lot of little things that can make or break your weight loss efforts. Of course, everyone knows that you have to burn more calories than you take in, to loss weight. That's the basic part of any plan that has a chance of succeeding. I have been trying to bring you information on little known facts, that not everyone is aware of.There is a program that I reviewed a while back, that can give you all of the weight loss facts that you need to be successful, to not only lose weight, but keep it off forever. It's not a diet, but a life style change that you must make to be successful. As you lose the weight, you will become more healthy. Once you start to become more healthy, you will have more energy & be able to become more fit. As you become more fit, it will be much easier to maintain your weight & stay healthy. If you would like more info on this program;  Click here<>  This video is full of lots of free info, so watch it all. Hope this is all helpful to ya'll.
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